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I had a great christmass… everyone got great gifts and it was a day of happiness for everyone in the family… .but to be honest… i wish i had a few hours of it… snugling next to you in front of the fireplace…

both kids havent put down thier harry potter wands not the entire day… LOL

spring cried when she got her ring present

i got a 100$ gift certificate for sunglasses… 🙂

it was a wonderful day together that we havent had very often in the last two years…

i’m looking forward to today

I love you


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well.. got sick.. there i was

sorry… missed you too… maybe it was sympathy morning sickness… 🙂

but i got sick and was puking for a couple of days this week… i just rolled myself up in a blanket and tried to stay awake

I’m back now and churning the butter.

hope your having a great day

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all that i can remember… 🙂

i kept the kids out of school and we left home about 11…. used the time that morning to get the car finished packing etc

took our time getting there and took  a wrong turn etc… but got to the camp ground around 4

we drove around for a bit but found a nice spot on a very busy camp ground… the area we chose was next to a trailer but they did not have a generator and they were clearly very renfest people as they had some good stuff… lamps outlining there area… a big renfest flag… a fire pit.. etc out…

we setup pretty quickly got our fire going… winter was pouting a bit because we didn’t bring anyone for her to play with…

while the fire burned down to coals for cooking we met the neighbors… there awesome… great family… and they had a daughter winters age Yea!

all the adult women were very overweight and that was funny because apparently they are a traveling band of belly dancers… hahhahaa… each was about 250LBS and only just over 5 foot.. ahhahaaa… winter later commented that apparently they had belly buttons pierced but you couldn’t see the jewelry…

anyways…. we had a ‘drum circle’ with them that night … never done that myself.. but it was fun.. they provided the drums…. we started drumming together Hauk in particular was having a good time with this.. .then several people from around the campground started coming over joining in… either with instruments they brought or dancing around the camp fire… it was cool and really funny

we partied… had campfire hamburgers… and started getting ready for bed…

then another trailer came and parked almost next to us and setup generator that was basically pointing right at us… 😦 bastards…

so we ended up moving our tent a bit quickly so that it wasn’t so impactfull… got the kids to sleep

later by the campfire… another camping neighbor … the girls started making out… woop… hot! anyways they got naked and started running around camp… drunk… and making out… very cool… but also made me consider moving to the ‘family’ camping area for the future as winter is getting older and will soon start staying up later when camping… right now i just make sure they go to sleep around midnight as the freekshow usually starts around 2am

the next morning… very very tired… we got up … made eggs for breakfast..

the neighbors were up and decided to make winter a belly dancer for the day so she got the hookup and was in full on professional costume… Hauk was feeling very left out so… when the cannons fired announcing the opening of the faire we went and rented Hauk  a full on Pirate costume… (oh.. it was pirate weekend so there were many pirates)

we got into the faire and had some coffee and some food… LOTS of food at the renfest.. its one of the best parts.. drinking and eating all kinds of cool food..

we watched some shows… the “fire-whip” guy was great.. basically a whip demonstration show.. kinda like a  knife throwing thing but with a whip… anyways… he dips his whips in oil … lights them and well you get it… it was cool… the oil was a little thick so small flames on the whip.. but when they cracked the oil would atomize on the end and blow off a big fireball.. cool

the kids bought some stuff… .rings… other jewelry.. i got spring a jeweled headband..(it was our anniversary)

we ate and drank.. and enjoyed ourselves.. at 5 we went back the camp area i was exhausted… the kids wanted to stay another night but i couldn’t do it… we packed up and split… got home around 730 and crashed soon after….

spring cried.. she hadn’t gotten me anything for our anniversary

that was our day..

the next day i cleaned out the car and everything reeked of campground smoke.. LOL…

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mentally exhausting …… sooo much to learn… so many tools and no tool work arounds…

my new job is actually very similar to an office manager… i make sure everything is running and i fix it if things arent

i spend all day running hourly reports… updating data bases, onboarding and offboarding employees

forecasting call volumes… adjusting schedules to meet service levels…


my day

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my weekend….

well… friday was interesting… got waken up way to early… 4am.. just to put on an ipod cover….

then i was up… got over to the boys parent/teacher meeting at 730…. picked up my daughter from a sleepover at 830

got the kido’s to the dentist by 9

went shopping… and cleaned… cleaned.. .cleaned the house

Saturday.. couldn’t sleep… so got up and had a garage sale… sold a bunch of crap i didn’t want anymore… made 200$

by noon… i spent it on a new coffee maker (major important to me) and some groceries.. and curtains…

put up new curtains.. and cleaned the house… got the kids fed… then the wife was home at 7

she complained how the house wasn’t clean enough… and how we need new furniture… and we went to bed…

that night she started snuggling up to me telling me how she misses me… (WELL ITS BEEN A FUCKING MONTH)….

and she starts kissing me and rolling on her back…. so i comply… and make sweat love to my wife…

i kiss her all over.. go down on her… she’s stressed and says she may not be able to cum… but i tell her to relax i will take my time she doesn’t have to worry i wont stop she can just enjoy it until she is ready…  eventually she relaxes and the magic happens…

as i’m catching my breath… she ignores me for a few minutes and stays on her back,… i’ve seen this movie before so i know she’s not in a giving mood..

she asks me to come make love to her.. so i do … and its good…


i work all day…

she doesn’t want to cook or for me to mess up the house… so she takes us out to dinner

we come home…

i get ignored…

we go to bed… she goes to sleep


wake up.. horny as hell and i’m not just going to wait … so i reach over.. start rubbing on her and she turns me down

but wants me to stay in bed and snuggle

i get up for coffee… but she’s now upset because i didn’t give her what she wanted…

she left for work pouting

my weekend.


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personally strugling

a couple of times you have mentioned i’m not available to you much right now…

please understand i am struggling quite a bit right now…

part of being as emotionally attached as i get…. is that you know i can get hurt too… (you haven’t hurt me my sugar…) i have gone from being desperate for some physical attention to just being fucking depressed and angry about it.

on top of just all the normal crap i’m dealing with job interviews… concussions…. and i’m basically a single parent

this isn’t your fault… its not anything you can fix or change….

this is springs fault…

i’m here for you sugar.. please let me know if you need me … you are a major part of my life…

right now i’m just struggling


i’m in love with two women that i desperately want…. who wont touch me

i need you like i need Air to breathe.   right now its a little difficult to want you and not be able to have you… painful even

last night was the second time in the last 8 weeks that spring and i made love.. .and lets just say that was a very one sided affair

and you … your like a very sexy chocolate cake that a starving man can look at but not eat…

its not just that either… your not alone right now… i’m afraid to contact you for fear of messing things up on either your end or mine…

this post is rambling a bit…

i’m not going away… i’m not turning away… i’m not upset with you in any way… i need you now as much as ever… you make me whole…. you make me feel loved… you make me a stronger man…

please understand that contacting you now is scary and a bit painful

i love you

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up late…………

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