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well …..

well… thank you and no… i’m getting what i always get which is too little…

lets see….
we went 2 weeks… then 3 weeks… now its been 2 more weeks..
so twice in seven weeks and counting

what kills me is when she gets down on herself she mentions that she isn’t being a good wife… i don’t comment on that and the message is clear… and she apologizes but… fuck how bout we do something about it….

it honestly drives me CRAZY

i’m trying hard not to dwell on it… at this point the only reason we aren’t drag down fighting about it is i know it would mess up her studying for school…
and when i force myself to rationalize my life… then realistically i should go the next 6 months until she graduates if that is what it takes…

but in my soul it is making me a lonely lonely pitiful person
to be someone who is not touched and loved.. and whose initiation of such love is rejected constantly… or worse… tolerated briefly then cut off


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broken record….

well….. my in-laws are in town this weekend… spring is hard at work studying…

i’m working… taking care of the kids and entertaining

in anticipation of them coming over i spent my entire friday off doing chores and detailing the house…

saturday was a mess with Hauk and football… that will be its own post…

i’m running out of energy and patience i keep looking ahead… but all i see tonight is debt… stress.. and maybe a second job for me

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showed my daughter how to make stovetop smores last night… 🙂

LOL… its the little things in life!

i hope you find your little things today..

i love you

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New excitement for the fall

one thing i really love to do is to go camping…

i’ve learned that the right gear makes all the difference… and after my last camping fiasco… i finally got a tent i really like.  Its a very good size 10×14 and is easy to assemble and is very stable…

really looking forward to camping this fall… and again in the spring… usually we only camp about once a year… last year we did twice.. this year i’m going for 3 🙂

its just such a great getaway… :)… a back to nature that i treasure… it makes me feel of the earth… i love it.

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well i’m sunburnt from the football game….my face is torched… both kids are now sick with a virus

i’m working …. the kids just setoff the fire alarm….

the house is trashed

good lord where is the escape hatch

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and she’s off…..

well… i’m taking care of the kids again… but this morning it was dropped on my that its for a full week… she will not be back until friday of next week

Not alone by anymeans 🙂 but no help with everything else either… 😦

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man the party was great

the house looked great… the food was great…

everything came off without a hitch

we started around 2 and finished at midnight… the food was perfect and the perfect ammount

everyone paid up for the party… i always keep it loose but that even came out perfect.. i ended up paying 45$ for the party myself… everything else came in from the guests

i had my niece lined up to help serve drinks.. but that fell threw on tuesday… so on wednesday i posted an add for 2 hostess’ on craigslist… and got about 20 responses…

i finally got good communication with one and met her at a bar downtown on friday… she was perfect.. she said she would bring a fiend.. the friend was great too

we paid them 100 each plus tips… they served drinks.. they were fun.. they kept the party lively… and as we wrapped up the football draft they cleaned up… and left when they were supposed to..

hell after poker about 1am im trying to clean up expecting a mess and almost everything was done for me… all i had to do was move the furniture back into place…

wish i could have them for every party!!!!!!

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