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well… what a weekend

first thing you have to understand is that Hauk is a character… with lots of imagination…

so if he’s tired.. or hurt… or tired and hurt… no telling how he will react… often if he gets a sprained thumb on the football field.. he might just lay there motionless crying until someone picks him up… then he’s fine… if you see what i mean….. or if you ask him how many fingers you are holding up he might just tell you 6… just to mess with you….


last week he was complaining of headaches on wed… i gave him an aleve before football practice… …. he had a great football practice… there was lots of hitting and he was brilliant…..

when we were leaving he was crying saying he was tired and hungry… and his head hurt….

when we got home he took a back while i made him some noodle soup… after his bath he called me in bc he said he couldn’t get up…. this is typical Hauk when he’s tired… i helped him up and he said his legs were shaky and he felt like he was floating… he ate his soup.. .seemed to get better…. but made a big show of saying his hands were shaky while he wiggled his noodles in the air…

Thursday morning he was fine but complained of the headache again… after the way he handled the aleve i gave him an ibuprofen instead this time and he was off to school… he came home with a note from the nurse saying that she thought he had pulled a facial muscle on his temple… also.. he misbehaved at school and on the buss… getting into fights and misbehaving with the teachers and other kids..

everything was fine thursday… Friday… no headache… easy practice for football.. not much hitting but lots of running around.. Hauk has a headache afterwards and says again he feels like he is floating… gave him another ibuprofen at bed time…

he’s fine in the morning but says he has a little headache… another ibuprofin

hauk has a good game saturday morning… but in the 4th quarter after a big pile.. everyone gets up but Hauk… he’s just lying on the field… the ref’s turn him over and call the medical staff over… he’s out cold…

Hauk was unconscious for maybe 2-3 minutes.. woke up disoriented.. by this time i’m on the field with the coaches.. spring and medical staff…..

he’s saying he’s seeing 4 fingers instead of 2… etc… he’s a little bleary eyed looking

we got him up and after a few minutes his vision returned to normal… and we watched the last 2 min of the game from the sideline..

took him to the emergency care facility here and they diagnosed him with a concussion… they feel it happened wednesday and that he worsened it on Saturday… they said to keep him out of any activity for 2 weeks.. then light activity for another… that would have given him 2 more games to come back for …  but i ended his season…. no reason for a 7 year old to come back for that

i look back on all the stuff that i was blowing off and it scares this shit out of me

anyways… its monday… he is doing great…. no headaches nothing…. and we have a followup apt this afternoon


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yep… the big matchup between the vikings and the saints is tonight…. i’m hoping that the vikings killem… but

probably not


anyways the cowboys play sunday night… which is awesome.. because i get to watch the game without taking phone calls for work 🙂

my fantasy team is setup the boy is playing… i’m just stoked!

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man the party was great

the house looked great… the food was great…

everything came off without a hitch

we started around 2 and finished at midnight… the food was perfect and the perfect ammount

everyone paid up for the party… i always keep it loose but that even came out perfect.. i ended up paying 45$ for the party myself… everything else came in from the guests

i had my niece lined up to help serve drinks.. but that fell threw on tuesday… so on wednesday i posted an add for 2 hostess’ on craigslist… and got about 20 responses…

i finally got good communication with one and met her at a bar downtown on friday… she was perfect.. she said she would bring a fiend.. the friend was great too

we paid them 100 each plus tips… they served drinks.. they were fun.. they kept the party lively… and as we wrapped up the football draft they cleaned up… and left when they were supposed to..

hell after poker about 1am im trying to clean up expecting a mess and almost everything was done for me… all i had to do was move the furniture back into place…

wish i could have them for every party!!!!!!

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burning the midnight oil

ahhhhh… its football season… i’m up late

  • getting the bar ready…
  • prepping those bacon wraped thingy’s i have a special recipe for… 🙂
  • marinating some BBQ… mmm thinking of my soulmate..
  • i have a 3 foot subway sub to pick up tomorrow right before the party
  • got the beer on ice
  • ahhh almost forgot to make the dip…

still sometime late in the night i will put together my special metrics package that has made me so successful in this game… pure mathematical insight into this game… genius… it separates the man from the boys!

i sure miss my sugar

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Got his Uniform today

well the little guy got his uniform today….

man to see him with our last name on the back of a football jersey…. tears to my eyes… tears to my eyes

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big party this weekend

well its that time again…. the big football party…

i’ve got to get this place cleaned up…. get some more party planning done… maybe contact in a bartender or some help…

and of course spend about 6 hours data mining to get myself prepped for the draft itself

we have a pewee football game that morning… and while i’m ordering in a 6 foot sub from subway i’m also doing a bit of bbq’ing…making some appetizers and i have to get the bar restocked…

wish i had some experienced help on that bbq 😀

anyways… very busy but thinking of you

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