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for you today :)

Your smile is a beautiful smile
It comes straight from your heart
Your smile shines like a beacon
The love in it tears me apart
Your smile shows in your eyes
It’s pure and joyous to see
Your smile brightens up my life
Its pure love just for me
Your smile can brighten the darkest day
Your smile can take my pain away
Your smile just turns me upside down
Your smile in which I could forever drown
You smile at me and I am bowled over
At how it changes your face
Such love and joy and happiness
Such dignity and grace
Your smile can take me through the darkest nights
Your smile makes me cope with the horrible fights
Your smile does so much you see
Your smile full of love just for me

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i love you

even tho we don’t talk everyday… i think of you always

when i’m just walking and lost in thought or when i’m looking for strength…. i know your there…

i’m sorry that we don’t talk as often as we’d like but that is probably how it will be.  We will just have to make the most of it

and the most of the few minutes we may find in our lives to hold hands and pass a little kiss between each other.

i’m glad to know that you are in my life sugar.

Love you

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