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I had a great christmass… everyone got great gifts and it was a day of happiness for everyone in the family… .but to be honest… i wish i had a few hours of it… snugling next to you in front of the fireplace…

both kids havent put down thier harry potter wands not the entire day… LOL

spring cried when she got her ring present

i got a 100$ gift certificate for sunglasses… 🙂

it was a wonderful day together that we havent had very often in the last two years…

i’m looking forward to today

I love you


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there you are….

i see you in available… sitting on my chat window….

i cant chat you… but i know you are there seeing that i’m in available too….

i miss you… but your always with me

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time is flying by… i cant believe it

i have gotten most of my Christmas shopping done… just wrapping up the last couple of things.

last night i took the kids biggest presents put them in giant boxes…. strapped them in… dropped in a couple of handfuls of macaroni noodles…

hot glued the boxes shut.. .and wrapped them in the most beautiful shiny wrapping paper with a big full wrap around the box bow!

the kids were going nuts and couldn’t get to sleep… i had to remind them that the presents are breakable and not to shake them too hard..

<evil grin>  they are sure to remember this for a lifetime


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