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and the winner is… ME

once again winner of the apple care Excellence award…. 4th time…. basks in his own glory

ipod touch…. probably selling it to buy a used iphone…

a happy smiling moment


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so i go back to the doctor… last time i was told allergies and given robotussen…

this time i was told bronchitis.  given an inhaler, codeine, and penicillin…..

sigh… got about 12 hours of sleep on friday and on sunday…..

but… i can breath… 🙂 … doing better… even if the codeine is keeping me down a bit

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big party this weekend

well its that time again…. the big football party…

i’ve got to get this place cleaned up…. get some more party planning done… maybe contact in a bartender or some help…

and of course spend about 6 hours data mining to get myself prepped for the draft itself

we have a pewee football game that morning… and while i’m ordering in a 6 foot sub from subway i’m also doing a bit of bbq’ing…making some appetizers and i have to get the bar restocked…

wish i had some experienced help on that bbq 😀

anyways… very busy but thinking of you

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my stats show that someone has been viewing this page a lot today… 🙂 ❤

well… i got really snacky last night and had a little debbie and a large sunkist at 9pm… and the resulting sugar rush managed to keep me up late.. 😦

but all was not lost as someone decided it was a good time for some “us time” whooo hooo… 🙂 so i went to bed with a smile on my face and oreo cookies dancing in my head

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i always wanted to bake… but never really have the time…

but tonight i’m baking.  and wishing i had a loved one here to share my cinnamon rolls with.

miss you terribly… i hope to see you again soon…

also wishing you had a great weekend.  !!! fingers crossed… Love you

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never alone…

you told me i am never alone… and you are so right….

you are in my heart…. in a trinket so lovingly given… in my thoughts when i need you

and when i have a moment for myself you are there enjoying that moment with me

You are on my lips from that last kiss goodbye… you are in me … energy that transfers between two people who have been so close

i will never be alone again.

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taking my breath away

the smallest note from you sometimes takes my breath away….

i’m up this morning enjoying my coffee just trying to get my day started.. .when i see a new note from you… speachless

how could a relationship be so… but ours…

when i wake and i need you… you are there… when my mind is troubled…  when life seems to have thrown me a curve… when my day has gone to hell.. when those who should be lifting me up are tearing me down….

you are there holding my hand helping me threw my day…

i love you

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